The Birth of Caeda

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An artists depiction of Caeda being formed by Qyftarr, Ydarus and Oceyar

“...And so, Qyftarr looked out into his kingdom and found it barren. No light, no dark, just empty. This filled him with great sadness and he began to cry. Tears of fire and lava flowed from his face. They drifted in the sky, becoming the stars. But some of them began to collect and harden, turning into a ball of magma. Qyftarr noticed this ball of flaming magma and placed it in the center of his kingdom and named it Caeda. But, he saw that it too was barren. So he brought his brothers Ydarus and Oceyar to Caeda and made them cool it with their chilling winds and icy sprays of water. Soon vegetation began to grow across the land, and Qyftarr began to mold the first mortals…”