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One of Umus many forms

The Thari are celestial beings of Essence, this includes the gods above and everything that came from Lerus, The Spirit.


In the beginning, there was nothing. Nothing but The Spirit. The Spirit ruled over all that was. One day, the spirit began to sing and the Essence that was floating around began to take form. The Essence became the first gods. Qyftarr, Eta, Oceyar and Ydarus. The Spirit named its first children the Agathari, Guardians of the Void and of all Essence. Eons passed and the Void was soon filled with light, but The Spirit felt pain. It grew inside the spirit, so much so that it began to cry out in anguish. Its cries of pain, fear, and anger caused more Essence to form. It birthed its second children, The Anthari, Gods of anger and hate. The Spirit name them Ikrus, Ukris, and Lelthys.