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Member of Agathari
Symbol Moon
Color Blue, silver, white and gold
Gender Female
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Consort Qyftarr
Offspring Athys, Vyris, and Umus

Eta is the goddess of the Moon, wolves, and the hunt, and is the patron of the unknown. She is the Mistress of the Heavens and the Queen of the Agathari. She was the first wife of Qyftarr, and has three children, Athys, Vyris, and Umus.


No light had shone. No creature had shirred. It was just darkness. No matter the direction you went. You were just met by darkness. Sadness. Loneliness.

Eta looked down upon the land so dark and lonely. She pitied the land and began to cry silver teardrops. The silver fell to the earth and began to take a circular shape. At Eta opened her eyes she saw what her sorrow had created. She picked up the silver disk and placed it in the sky, calling it the Moon. It shined light down upon Caeda bringing joy and happiness.


My moon… It will always shine on the Earth below. No matter if night, or day. My moon will watch knowing you in your dark moments, light moments. Changing forever, as mortals do. Every night as it shines, it will reveal an altered image. Sometimes weak. Small. Vulnerable. And sometimes strong and full of light. My moon understands what it is like as a mortal below the heavens. Uncertain. Alone. Cratered by imperfections. But that is what makes my moon beautiful. Just as you are too.

— Eta