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Prepare yourselves for the most immersive and captivating, and realistic roleplay experience of all time. Caeda Season 3 now enters the land of Murn Darul. Enter a world abundant with deep, in-depth lore that goes back thousands of years. Experience the true freedom to become whoever you want. Learn to survive in the corrupt, and unforgiving city of Yhelin where you can rise from slave to king. Become part of an intricate political system where assasination, bribery and treachery are common. Start your own business, climbing the economic ladder and monopolizing your market. Learn to fight in our all new custom made pvp system where skill is the only determining factor. Dive into the ancient and forbidden arts of magic or dare to venture beyond the walls where glory or death awaits you. The choice is yours my friend. Welcome to Caeda, Season 3.  Caeda is a budding roleplay experienced for both the novice and the master.

A roleplay experience meshed with the day to day grit of the survival world.

The opportunity to forge your own legacy within boundaries of your choosing.

Caeda itself is penultimate, it is only missing you.